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Which Devices Use Smart Batteries?

Throughout our years of developing smart battery systems, the Inspired Energy team has developed custom packs for a huge variety of devices and clients. For our custom-products clients, we tailor our service and support to directly meet their needs. Our end result is always a superior performance solution that meets or exceeds performance requirements and business goals. Here’s a small selection of typical products which use Inspired Energy smart battery packs:

  • Pen Tablet Computers
  • Video Cellphones
  • Portable Medical Analytical Devices
  • RAID Server Backup Systems
  • Handheld Imaging Systems
  • Personal Electric vehicles
  • Film & Video lighting
  • Automated Laboratory Equipment
  • Portable Laboratory Equipment
  • Embedded Computing Device
  • Satellite Communications Systems
  • Film & Broadcast camera systems
  • Wearable Computing Systems
  • RF Data capture units
  • Unmanned underwater vehicles
  • Unmanned Aerial vehicles
  • Portable Printers
  • Portable Measuring devices
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Non-Destructive Test Systems
  • Handheld data terminals
  • Patient Monitors
  • ​Medical diagnostic devices
  • Surgical lights
  • Portable lighting systems
  • Geolocation devices
  • Ruggedized computers
  • Portable ultrasound devices
  • Infra-red monitors
  • Theatrical lighting
  • Handheld X-ray spectroscopy
  • Acoustic monitors
  • Nuclear sensing equipment
  • Electronic surveying & mapping systems
  • Robotics devices
  • Military computing systems
  • Electronic Books
  • Network test equipment
  • Ground penetrating radar systems
  • Portable Gas Analyzing Systems

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