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10.8 V
2.8 Ah
8.0 A
60 W

The NC3040QE29 is the IEC, UL, CSA 62133-2 approved model of the NC3040HD29 ( 3S1P ) 10.8V smart lithium ion battery which incorporates the standard features that designers and engineers have come to rely on for safety and function, such as SMbus , a pull tab for easy removal and on-pack LCD display for relative SOC indication.

The NC3040 ( 3S1P ) 10.8V lithium ion pack has tested as low as -30C and is ideally designed for use in compact and handheld devices. (Note, in cases of low temperature applications, we strongly recommend testing in your specific application). With 8A discharge capability, NC3040 batteries are ideally suited as a small hot-swap battery to hold up the device for a short period while the main battery is charged.

CH-series chargers are recommended for these batteries.

NC 3040 smart liIon batteries can be customized to meet unique specifications. SHA-1 secure handshake, custom label, custom firmware and additional performance options are available for OEM applications. Creating custom-hybrids of standard batteries is a part of Inspired Energy’s established expertise. You are welcome to work directly with our technical, engineering and manufacturing staff here at our headquarters in Newberry, Florida. We currently ship our products to over 96 countries.

When additional runtime may be needed, we suggest the NC4040HD50.

The NC3040QE29 has been updated as a replacement for the previous NC3040HD25, NC3040HD26 and NC3040HD30 models.

Qty 1-11, $121.12 USD ea.

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