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14.4 V
6.8 Ah
8.0 A
80 W

The NH2034 is ideal for low temperature applications as the low internal impedance enables the cells to deliver good capacity and discharge current. The NH2034 can perform as low as -10°C. (Note, in cases of low temperature applications, we strongly recommend testing in your specific application). Also, with its 8A discharge capability, the NH2034 is ideally suited as a small “hot-swap” battery to hold up the device for a short period while the main battery is charged.


These smart Li-ion batteries can be customized to meet unique specifications. Custom label, custom firmware and some performance options are available. Creating custom-hybrids of standard batteries is a part of Inspired Energy’s established expertise.


Qty 1-11, $180.42 USD ea.

To place an order or for additional quantity pricing, please contact us.

Length X Width X Height (Inches):
11.1" X 1.7" X 0.9"
Length X Width X Height (mm):
282mm X 42.5mm X 23mm
Chemistry / Cell Array:
8 Li-ion 18650 cells / 4S2P array
Equivalent Lithium Content:
Mating Connector:
AMP P/N 5787422-1 or 5787446-1
Cavity Size:
24mm x 43mm cross-section
Fuel Guage Display:
Always on 5-Bar LCD
IP Rating:
Optional Belt Pack:
On Board Charger:
Has power supply:
Vehicle Cable:
USB Charge Port: